About Us

Natural Springs Australia is an Australian based company who has established its affiliated offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. Hong Kong operation was found in September 2006 and has been serving more than thousands’ households and offices with quality and premium spring water from Australia.

The imported spring water is packaged and distributed in Hong Kong factory plant with approved food permit issued by the Hong Kong Food & Environmental & Hygiene Department. The company provides 15 litres bottle water, dispensers, accessories and maintenance service to the households and office clients with door to door delivery. The customer base has penetrated throughout Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island.

Natural Springs Australia delivers the finest quality spring water purified by nature, deep from the heart of Victoria’s Black Hill Mountains. We call our water “Living Energy” as it contains natural oxygen and minerals which are free from chemicals and artificial additives. We bring the purest of Mother Nature to you and your family.


Our Water Source

At Natural Springs Australia we believe that it is the source of our water that guarantees the best quality. Our natural spring water sources from the Black Mount Natural Spring which has been operating for over 20 years in Milbrook; located roughly 100 kilometers west of Melbourne, Australia.

Our natural spring water begins as rain falling on the Black Hills in Victoria, the site of an ancient and dormant volcano. The water is naturally filtered and purified by the fine scoria until it collects and becomes a spring, deep inside the mountain. The spring itself lies well above the surrounding water table and is therefore protected from pollutants and contamination.

Our natural spring water is drawn directly from this spring with all its natural mineral content and properties intact. We also pride ourselves in delivering water that is clean and safe to drink, filtered by natural environmental processes.

Do you want to find out more about where our natural spring water comes from?

Our Spring Water

There is nothing in our water but spring water – by nature! Other than filtration and oxygen treatment to keep it “alive”, there is no other treatment; no chemicals of any sort are used. Only the natural process of oxygen and movement is applied at all possible steps of the transport chain. This process keeps our natural spring water rich in essential natural minerals.

By choosing our natural spring water, you are given water that is clean and healthy with a crisp fresh taste. Water drawn from the Black Mount Natural Spring is quickly filtered before being tested for purity and delivered via stainless steel tanks. It is extracted to the point where we leave it on your doorstep we guarantee the highest quality at every stage. Not only do we comply with Australian consumer standards but also standards on an international scale.

For use at the office or at home, your family, friends and colleagues will appreciate the crisp natural taste of natural spring water. Our team strives to deliver only the best quality that you can rely upon.


Natural Springs Australia not only provides the healthier choice but also a choice of enjoyable drink that tastes good and makes you feel great. We believe that if water is what a good diet is based on it should not only be healthy but also delicious.

The Black Mount Natural Spring keeps a strict control of water quality which complies with both Australian standard and international code – ISO9002, ensuring customers’ peace of mind as our natural spring water meets only the highest standards of quality.